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Professional Interior ReDesign & Home Staging Training Course

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The design field is currently one of the fastest growing industries in Canada. Now is the opportune time to select a CRDA ReDesign & Staging Training instructor that best suits your needs. The CRDA is a vibrant, not for profit organization, featuring an ever expanding membership roster. Our Association does offer an "official" designation for all CRDA course graduates simply because the membership asked for such credentials. However, we strongly feel that our members' personal work ethic, commitment to customer satisfaction and portfolio will demonstrate their expertise and professionalism.

The CRDA Professional Interior ReDesign & Home Staging Course is offered by our Approved ReDesign & Staging Training experts. Each instructor has been reviewed and approved by the CRDA as having met the specific requirements set forth by the Association.

Each CRDA instructor offers a unique re-design instruction format and brings their own sense of personal style and flair to the training program. For best results, prior to registration or before making a payment deposit it is suggested that each instructor be contacted directly. It is during this pre-registration process that a candidate can discuss in detail all aspects of their Professional Interior ReDesign & Home Staging Training Course.

Once a candidate has completed the five-day course as offered by one of the approved instructors, they are automatically eligible for membership within the CRDA.

Professional Interior ReDesign & Home Staging Training Course Outline

Length: 5 days

Description: This intensive hands-on training program is designed to supply you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assist you in the start-up phase of your own redesign & home staging business. The re-design instruction features 3 days of actual redesign work, on-site in client’s homes with the opportunity to apply what you learn.

Course Includes:

  • practical skills to apply to your business start-up
  • sales and marketing, networking and self promotion
  • redesign process, step by step (includes consultation & follow-up)
  • home staging principles
  • 3 days hands on to apply theory

Upon successful completion you will be eligible to join the Canadian ReDesigners Association. Upon membership you will receive a certificate entitling you to call yourself a Certified ReDesign & Staging Specialist™ (CRSS™).

The Canada-wide CRDA Instructors facilitating the five-day Professional Interior ReDesign & Home Staging Training Course are listed below:

Cities Across Canada

Val Sharp
Sharp ReDesigns
Phone: (250) 598-5848
re-design instructor
re-design instructor
CRDA and IRIS Approved

Instructor Profile:

Founder and President of the Canadian Redesigners Association, and board member of Interior Redesign Industry Specialists (IRIS) in the US, Val teaches the 5-day course in various cities across Canada.

Val is an inspirational, certified life coach who creates a collaborative environment which allows you to fully develop your talents and abilities. Her significant business background, especially in corporate communications, gives her a broad range of knowledge to assist you in starting and growing your business.

Her course includes payment of your initial membership in the Canadian Redesigners Association, two half-hour coaching sessions, ongoing access to her by email and phone after the course, and qualifies you to join IRIS in the US ( She also provides great catered lunches! You are also allowed to audit the course again for free (some restrictions apply).

Val is a licensed facilitator with Get Clients Now!™ and offers a six-week follow-up marketing course by telephone to make sure you get your business off the ground. She has recently co-authored IRIS in the House, an award-winning redesign book written by the approved instructors of Interior Redesign Industry Specialists and will be publishing her own redesign book in the spring of 2007.

Brampton, ON

Sandi Gerrard
Feel at Home Interior ReDesign
Phone: (416) 795-9840
re-design instructor
re-design instructor
CRDA Approved

Instructor Profile:

Sandi is Vice President of the CRDA and a Mentor for the Ontario Region. Her passion for the business of redesign will inspire you and give you the necessary confidence to move ahead. She has a background in marketing and her effective networking strategy has proven to be successful. Sandi is fully committed to her graduates and will continue to keep in touch through CRDA Forum postings on new developments and ideas, and often refers work to other CRDA members across the GTA. She offers a course fee discount for early registration and also covers your membership registration fee in the CRDA.

Vancouver, BC

Donna Russell and Angie Petrovic
Design a Move
Phone: (604) 787-1706
re-design instructor
re-design instructor
CRDA Approved

Instructor Profile:

Donna Russell and Angie Petrovic together bring a vast knowledge base to Redesign/Staging and business operations. As leaders in the Canadian Staging Industry we have been instrumental in transforming previous mind sets in the way Realtors sell houses and are one of the largest employers of home stagers in Canada.

Donna brings years of experience with a large corporation in Business Operations, Marketing, Training and Development and has an extensive design/decorating background. Donna is professional and passionate about her work and can transform even the most difficult of spaces into amazing rooms.

Angie is a successful business woman and has worked directly with Realtors over the past 17, her experience in the real estate market has been instrumental in their success.

This dynamic duo has provided hundreds of Stagings and Redesigns since Design a Move® incorporated in 2003 and are recognized as experts in the field. Their vast business and hands on experience will provide you with the necessary skills to be proficient in this growing and dynamic field of work.

Dana J. Smithers
Sun On My Back ReDesigns
Phone: (604) 836-7174
re-design instructor
re-design instructor
CRDA Approved

Instructor Profile:

Founding Member of the CRDA and one of the first Canadian Redesigners & Home Staging Association Instructors, Dana will be entering her 4th year of teaching the 5 Day Professional Course. She also offers Professional Development Courses for on-going learning.

Dana knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this business – talent, skills, knowledge and support. Her most successful graduates are self starters; keen, eager and passionate about transforming homes for living or selling. As a previous senior executive with a Sales & Marketing background in a service industry, Dana shares her business knowledge with you. In 1999 she started a successful interior decorating business and expanded into Redesign and Home Staging. She has also taught over 500 students in a Certificate Interior Decorating Diploma Program since 2001.

As part of her business training program, you will work with a Professional Coach who will give you a ‘Free’ one hour coaching session. As part of her on-going commitment to her graduates’ success, Dana was the first instructor to implement the Monthly Mentoring Meeting program and provides Business Opportunities for her graduates upon completion of her course.

She frequently runs ‘Special Offers and Partner Specials’ throughout the year.

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