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Refining Your Interior Space

Alison Scott W.O.W. Redesigns

Itís November. Do you have family and friends coming to stay with you for the holidays? Are you panicking because you want the place to look great and feel spacious yet cozy but you simply donít know where to begin?

With the chilly weather, the shorter days and the holidays rapidly approaching, our focus turns from outdoor activities to getting cozy inside. There are plenty of TV shows to watch and magazines to learn how to improve our home through renovations, new paint colours and new furniture, but what if you donít want to spend the money on lots of new things? What if you like what you have but it just isnít working for you? Where do you find the time in your busy schedule to transform your place the way you want it? Can you even do it yourself?

There is a solution. Itís easier than you think. You need a redesign.

Unlike traditional interior designers who work with all aspects of dťcor including structural changes and subcontracting, an interior redesigner deals with surface changes with your belongings working miracles performing home makeovers in one day.

"My clients have been amazed at the changes we have achieved in their space in just one day." says Alison Scott owner of W.O.W. Redesigns. "Using what you have, but grouping it differently, arranging furniture more artfully and accessorizing using a professional objective eye can produce instant and remarkable results." As a certified member of the Canadian Redesigners Association, Scott is trained in how to place furniture, hang art and accessorize to highlight your home. Along with her sense of colour and design, Alison works with your furniture and collections to bring out your personality and sense of place within your own space.

W.O.W. Redesigns has a simple philosophy: Your Stuff. Better. "Itís not my goal to sell you any products. I donít judge your home or your belongings. A professional redesign results in a sense of harmony and satisfaction within a home or office space using your most cherished possessions."

Whether you have just moved into a new home, have lived in one forever or are considering a move, W.O.W Redesigns can help you achieve your goals. Redesigns for living involve consulting with the client to determine how they want to live in their space with what they have. This usually involves decluttering, organizing and a lot of rearranging. Occasionally, suggestions are made to eliminate certain pieces which can then be given away or sold. If you are considering buying new furniture, a redesign can save you money and avoid you making costly mistakes. Using what you have and repositioning it all will help to determine if you need to buy a loveseat or two chairs for example.

Home for sale makeovers are effective at creating a desirable home for the buyer so he/she can envision himself living in the new house. By working with the seller and realtor, the redesigner will declutter, define and refine the house. This small investment and effort results in an increased appeal to a wider range of potential buyers and the home is sold quickly for the best price.

In addition to these services, at this time of the year, W.O.W. Redesigns offers a Christmas decorating package. Whether you want an elegant Christmas tree and fireplace mantle transformation or a complete living room and dining room Christmas makeover, your home will be holiday ready for instant entertaining. We also offer gift certificates which make a great Christmas gift for friends and family who would enjoy a fresh start in their homes in the New Year.

The Canadian Redesigners Association, is a proud supporter of N.O.C.A (National Ovarian Cancer Association). W.O.W. Redesigns will donate a percentage of earnings from all Christmas decorating packages to this deserving charity.

For further information and to make an appointment please contact Alison Scott at:
604 318-6486

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