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David George, ONSite, Southwestern Ontario’s New Homes and Décor Magazine


Every once in a while, a philosophy emerges that is so simple, so logical, and so needed, that we can't be sure how we didn't think of it first. Such is the case with the rising tide of Interior Redesign organizations now sweeping the housing landscape. Whether you live in a traditional house, townhome, bungalow, or even a condominium, Interior Redesign works in a partnership with you to recreate and redefine your world. By locating and opening up the focal points of any room, your environment becomes more appealing to both guests, as well as the people who live there everyday. By scaling back what you have, coordinating art, colour, fabric, and accessories, and taking into account who you are and what you want from life, Interior Redesigners can begin to make your space more like you.

The final result is to completely reorganize and redefine your spaces, using the furniture and accessories that you already have in your home. More than just a fresh look, this kind of decorating can often serve to open and unclutter rooms, while suggesting new potentials and new directions that you may never have considered before. Best of all, as Interior Redesigners are working with items that you already own as opposed to buying new, a complete Interior Redesign can often be accomplished for the same price as a single new couch.

Beyond the savings inherent in using existing furniture, art, and accessories, interior redesign holds another possible advantage over traditional interior decorating in that it can be conducted one room at a time without leaving the rest of your house in disarray. Because they work with the style your home already has, your house will never be left looking incomplete, or partly-done. In this way, you can improve a single needed room as the occasion warrants, or even budget your decorating to enable a full home redesign more slowly, over time, and without taking a hit in the pocketbook.

Of course there are a wide variety of reasons one may choose the redesign route. Sandi Gerrard of Feel at Home Interior Redesign and Tamara Welbourn of First Impressions Redesign have had the chance to work with a wide variety of families and homes, and have seen reasons as diverse as their clientele. "Families may be blended," Tamara says. "Coming from two distinct backgrounds with their own furniture and no way to make it all work together. Empty nesters suddenly are overwhelmed with an abundance of seating and interiors that no longer match their lifestyle. Most of all, furnishings may have been purchased when they were trendy some 10 to 15 years ago and now make the home, and the residents, look dated. Interior Redesign can help to bring order to the chaos, and make your home one to show off and be proud of."

In the ultra competitive world of real estate, sellers seek any advantage that might propel their home into the 'must have' category. It is no surprise that so many perspective sellers have therefore turned to Interior Redesign as a cost effective and time conscious way to invigorate their homes just prior to listing. Even the redesign of a single room or focal point can often help make a hum drum home into a dream dwelling. Sandi explains, "The living room will always give visitors their first impression of your home. It's the first room you see when you walk in, and people will naturally look at it and ask themselves 'Can I envision myself living here?'"

Tamara would agree. "The front entrance of your home sets the psychological tone for the rest of the house. A new visitor must feel that "Wow" factor as they set up to, and through the door. Studies show that most new buyers decide in their own minds within the first 30 seconds of viewing a new home if they like it or not. Interior redesign helps them to see the things that matter most."

Whether you're redesigning your interiors as a precursor to listing your home, or else just re-imagining your surroundings for a fresh take on life and the world you live in, Interior Redesign may be just the innovative touch under which your living space will begin to flourish. Always ask to make sure that the Interior Redesigners you select are fully licensed by the Canadian Redesigners Association. In the hands of trained professionals, your home may soon achieve a look and appeal that has been hiding for far too long.

To learn more about Interior Redesign contact Sandi Gerrard at 416-795-9840, sandigerrard@sympatico.ca; or Tamara Welbourn at 905-320-8991, tamara@first-impression.ca.

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