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Is the Thought of Downsizing Getting You Down?

A cosy, comfortable home filled with your favorite memories and treasures. Youve watched your children grow and prosper, and when the grandchildren visit, they love to browse through the family portraits and snapshots grouped on every surface. Theyre thrilled that you still have a basket of toys tucked under the coffee table all the stuff their mom or dad played with. The sofas are covered with the lovely Afghans that youve painstakingly knitted or crocheted over the years perfect for a nap in the afternoon.

Now you realize that its time to move into a smaller home, a condominium or an assisted living community.

Have the front steps become a challenge for your arthritic knees?

Does your house and yard require too much maintenance?

Would you rather be out having fun with friends and family?

The reality is selling your home is not as easy as you think.

The average buyer has little imagination when it comes to projecting themselves into a resale home, especially one that has been lived in for 20, 30 years or more. Even though you spent countless hours painting and decorating for yourselves, it means little to the young couple viewing your home. They may enjoy a cursory glance at your old novels and the cute family snapshots adorning the walls. They may be awed by your china and crystal collection. Sadly, it will never feel like their home. Your personal style may interfere with a buyers decision to stay long enough to really study the bones of the house. Potential buyers may feel as though they are intruding in your private life as soon as they walk through the door.

All real estate agents know the importance of de-cluttering and de-personalizing and theyll be the first to tell you so when you put your house on the market. Sure its difficult! But once that FOR SALE sign goes up on the lawn you must start thinking of your home as just a house. It is a product that must be marketed to the masses. Buyers prefer a property that needs little or no work busy lifestyles demand it.
You have to start packing anyway, so why not edit and redistribute your belongings at this stage of the move plan. Youll save valuable time if you only pack what you really intend to move. Sounds easy right?

The effort of clearing the clutter can take a toll physically and emotionally. Moving at any time is difficult. Downsizing can be even more stressful for all family members because of the emotional attachment we have to long-time possessions. You do not need to get rid of all your treasures. There are many options for storage and display that will help you feel at ease.

Aside from all the little things, its also time to redefine your rooms.

Make sure that the living room is warm and inviting.

Stacks of newspapers and magazines are a big no-no.

Grandpas old recliner plunked in front of the TV might look like a permanent fixture and scare away potential buyers.

What about the dining room? Yes, it does make a great hobby and craft table. Youll have to put the puzzle pieces and stamp collection away until the house is sold.

Set the table with some of your fine china so everyone can see that its the perfect place for entertaining.

Keep personal items and medications out of sight in the bedroom and bathroom.

Who can you turn to when your grown children have moved away or are too busy with their careers? Where can you find someone with a compassionate heart and an objective eye to help you sort and edit?

A Certified Interior Redesigner may be exactly what you need. They can:

artfully arrange your furnishings to create intimate conversation areas and focal points that highlight the architectural selling features of the house;

choose a neutral colour palette to refresh your rooms;

arrange an estate or yard sale everything from advertising to set-up, sale and clean-up;

get you organized in your new home by placing furniture and hanging art on move-in day so that you feel settled immediately

Realtors statistics indicate that a house will have the most viewings in the first 10 days that it is on the market. Get it ready BEFORE the sign goes up. A staged home sells faster, very near the asking price and you certainly deserve top dollar for your well loved home.

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